Smiley Rouge - Stylo Bille Clix Pen Avec Tampon Encreur Intégré. Recharge Gratuite

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FREE writing ink refill per Clix pen!

Smiley faces add a smile to the page and to your student's face! Great as a reward stamp and with this handy pen you'll always have it on hand when marking.

Dual purpose, the Clix Pen functions as a retractable pen and a stamp all in one - saving you time and money. It also features a pocket clip so you can keep it at hand, fade resistant writing ink and is suitable for stamping onto most surfaces.

  • Stamp pre-inked, ready to use
  • 0.7mm ballpoint pen
  • Choice of writing ink
  • Stamp size 9mm
  • 5,000+ stamp impressions before re-inking required
  • Stamp refill ink available - click here
  • Writing ink refills available with pen purchase only
  • Stamp image prints as shown

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